General Provisions
   51.01   Definitions
   51.02   Plumbing may be condemned
   51.03   Regulations part of contract
   51.15   Application for service
   51.16   Connection fees
   51.17   Determining the total annual cost of operation and maintenance
   51.18   Determining each user’s contribution percentage
   51.19   Determining each user’s service charge
   51.20   Payment of the user’s service charge and penalties
   51.21   Review of each user’s service charge
   51.22   Accounts
   51.23   Hazardous waste
   51.24   Enforcement
   51.25   Re-establishment of service
Department and Consumer Responsibilities
   51.40   Public Works Department responsibilities and liabilities
   51.41   Consumer responsibility
   51.42   Interference with Public Works Department or Building Official; digging up streets without permit
   51.43   Unsanitary disposal of excrement prohibited
   51.44   Private sewage systems
   51.45   Tampering with equipment prohibited
   51.46   Permit required
   51.47   Application
   51.48   Inspection and approval by town
   51.49   Records to be kept of building connections
Use of Public Sewers
   51.60   Prohibited substances
   51.61   Interceptors required
   51.62   Authority for review and approval of certain discharges
   51.63   Preliminary treatment
   51.64   Manholes
   51.65   Tests and analyses
   51.66   Special agreements with industrial concerns