General Provisions
   112.001   Title
   112.002   Construction; governing law; venue
   112.003   Scope
   112.004   Statement of intent
   112.005   Definitions
   112.006   Administration; delegation of powers and authority
   112.007   Applicability to an MCS provider
   112.008   Exemption for certain MCS provider
   112.009   Non-exempt MCS providers seeking relief from this chapter
   112.010   Failure of the council/franchising authority to enforce this chapter
   112.011   MCS providers or their assignees subject to present and future ordinances
   112.012   Inconsistencies with federal or state rules, regulations or laws
   112.013   Conflicts with an existing franchise agreement
   112.014   Retained rights and authorities
   112.015   MCS provider may promulgate rules
   112.016   Notices
   112.017   Indemnity
   112.018   Liability insurance
   112.019   Performance and construction/completion bond
   112.020   Reports and records; policy
   112.021   Furnishing of reports
   112.022   Books and records
   112.023   Continued use of individual antennas protected
   112.024   Alerting subscribers in the event of an emergency; standby power
   112.025   Safety alert technology
   112.026   Providing broad categories of video programming; objectives
   112.027   Providing seamless or “see-through” technology; objectives
   112.028   Tampering; unauthorized reception of certain services
Notification of Services; Billing
   112.045   Notification of rights and responsibilities; policy
   112.046   Notice of rights and responsibilities; providing multi-channel service; minimum contents
   112.047   Billing practices
   112.048   Billing credit for service outages; interruptions; substandard signal or picture quality; unsolicited service
   112.049   Prohibition against negative option promotional package
   112.050   Sales solicitations; special rules
   112.051   Menu-driven systems, service clusters, and packaging of service tiers; special rules
   112.052   Disconnection for non-payment
   112.053   Voluntary customer changes
Customer Service; Equipment
   112.070   Customer service hours; capabilities of customer service office; telephone
   112.071   Preferential or discriminatory practices prohibited
   112.072   Use and return of equipment; security deposits and their return
   112.073   Service inquiry logs
   112.074   Restoration of a subscriber's property
   112.075   Service inquiries, requests, complaints, and response times
   112.076   Repair parts and repair personnel
   112.077   New installations and connections; regular, promotional, seasonal, short-term, pay-per-view, and menu-driven; re-connections
   112.078   Protection of subscriber privacy
   112.079   Resolution of complaints/inquiries
   112.080   Continuity of multi-channel service provisions; policy
Construction; Installation; Maintenance
   112.095   Construction schedule and related requirements
   112.096   Construction of good quality
   112.097   Streets and public ways; conditions on use
   112.098   Duty to remove franchised properties from the public streets
   112.099   Construction standards
   112.100   System construction schedule for franchised MCS providers
   112.101   System expansion for MCS providers
   112.102   Permits and licenses
   112.103   Safety requirements; policy
   112.104   Preventive maintenance program
   112.105   Fire and safety codes
   112.106   Alternative user charge
   112.120   Franchise required; exception
   112.121   Authority to grant non-exclusive franchises
   112.122   Franchise agreement; minimal requirements
   112.123   Extent of grant of franchise
   112.124   Term of franchise
   112.125   Application for franchise; application fee
   112.126   Franchise fees
   112.127   Assignment or transfer of franchise
   112.128   Default of franchise; revocation, termination or cancellation of franchise
   112.129   Performance evaluations
Cable Operators
   112.145   Regulatory provisions for cable operators
   112.146   MCS providers classified as cable operators; additional rules
   112.147   MCS providers classified as cable operators; specific additional public, educational, and governmental rules
   112.999   Penalty
   Franchise holder charging excessive rates, see § 130.06
   Franchises and special privileges, see Charter § 10.3
Editor's note:
   City franchise agreements and the exemptions therein have not been included in the codification of this chapter; however, relevant ordinances concerning these franchise agreements shall remain on file in the office of the City Clerk.