General Provisions
   111.01   Carnivals, circuses and similar shows
Dances and Dance Halls
   111.30   Permit required
   111.31   Application
   111.32   Approval or disapproval of application by Chief of Police
   111.33   Issuance
   111.34   Not to issue for taxi dance hall
   111.35   Contents
   111.36   Posting
   111.37   Term of dance hall permit; no refund of fee
   111.38   Not assignable; transfer to new location
   111.39   Does not grant vested rights
   111.40   Revocation or cancellation
Pool Halls, Recreation or Family Centers and Business Establishments with Recreation and Amusement Machines
Part 1: General Provisions
   111.50   Definitions
   111.51   Occupation tax
   111.52   Location of recreation or amusement machines
   111.53   Partitions; sanitary facilities
   111.54   Hours of operation
   111.55   Minor's presence restricted
   111.56   Penalty for failure to pay occupation tax
   111.57   Inspections
Part 2: License
   111.65   License required
   111.66   Fee
   111.67   Sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages prohibited
   111.68   Term; nontransferable
   111.69   Display
   111.70   Revocation
   111.99   Penalty
   Commercial recreation establishments in C-2 and C-3 zoning districts, see § 155.39
   Special use permits for commercial amusement and recreation facilities, see § 155.31