(A)   By City Council. A permit issued under this subchapter shall be subject to revocation and cancellation upon proof being submitted to the City Council that violations of this subchapter or any applicable ordinance of the city or any laws of the state are being committed at the place licensed.
   (B)   By Chief of Police. If any one holding a permit under this subchapter shall violate any of the terms of this subchapter or any other ordinance of the city or law of the state, the Chief of Police may cancel such permit by giving written notice thereof to the owner or operator of the dance hall for which the permit is issued. Such action shall be final unless an appeal therefrom in writing is filed with the City Council within ten days, and after such appeal is filed the City Council shall conduct a hearing on such cancellation and may cancel such permit for any of the causes shown, which action shall be final.
('68 Code, § 23-43)