(A)   The recreation or amusement machines which are operated for profit within a place of business shall not be left unattended.
   (B)   Within each place of business in which recreation or amusement machines are operated for a profit, the machines will be so situated so that the said machines will be in full, open, public view.
   (C) The term FULL, OPEN, PUBLIC VIEW, as used in this subchapter shall mean that the machines are clearly and plainly visible from the exterior of the front of the building. The front of a building, as used here, is that side of the structure where the main entrance is located or that side of a structure which fronts a street. Provided, however, if the playing of the recreation or amusement machines is in a recreation center where the majority of the public is engaged in an activity other than the playing of the machines, the machines shall be in full, open, public view if the recreation and amusement machines are clearly and plainly visible from the areas of the building where the other activities are being performed.
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