For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AMUSEMENT CENTER. Any business establishment in which at least 25% of the public floor area is devoted to coin-operated machines used for recreation and amusement purposes, or pool or billiard tables.
   COIN-OPERATED MACHINE USED FOR RECREATION OR AMUSEMENT PURPOSES. Every machine or device of any kind or character which is operated by or with coins or metal slugs, tokens, or checks and which dispenses or is used or is capable of being used or operated for amusement, pleasure, skill or recreation. This term expressly includes pinball, football, coin-operated pool tables, and other coin-operated machines which dispense or afford skill or pleasure. This term expressly excludes coin-operated music machines, pay toilets, pay telephones, coin-operated rides for children, and all other coin-operated machines which dispense or vend merchandise, commodities, confections or music.
   OWNER. Any person, firm, company, association or corporation owning any coin-operated machine used for recreation, or pool or billiard tables from which he derived a profit, save and except religious, charitable and educational organizations authorized under the laws of the state.
   POOL or BILLIARD TABLE. Any table surrounded by a ledge or cushion, with or without pockets, upon which balls are propelled by a stick or cue, and where the player thereon does not or is not required to make a coin deposit causing an electrical connection of any nature or kind before such game may be actually commenced.
   RECREATION or AMUSEMENT MACHINES. Any pool or billiard table or any coin operated machine used for amusement purposes, any of which table or machine is operated for profit.
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