General Provisions
   90.001   Definitions
   90.002   When open for use
   90.003   General restrictions on and conditions for use
   90.004   Airport minimum standards and requirements adopted
   90.005   Approval of signs and billboards
   90.006   Unauthorized entry to loading aprons, taxiways, runways or usable landing area
   90.007   Applicability of traffic regulations
   90.008   Starting aircraft engine without competent operator or pilot
   90.009   Airworthiness of aircraft
   90.010   Federal aviation agency rules — compliance; adopted by reference
   90.011   Local rules — compliance
   90.012   Restrictions on taxiing aircraft
   90.013   Taking off or landing on other than runway
   90.014   Taking off or landing contrary to established traffic pattern
   90.015   Operation of aircraft while under influence of or using liquor or drugs
   90.016   Parking of vehicles
   90.017   Parking of aircraft after sunset
   90.018   Leaving disabled aircraft on taxiways, runways and the like overnight
   90.019   Unattended aircraft
   90.020   Aircraft engine not be run in hangar
   90.021   Restrictions on running up or checking aircraft engines
   90.022   Fire prevention regulations
   90.023   Aircraft not be left in landing or take-off area for instructional purposes
   90.024   Unauthorized use of aircraft, tools, accessories and the like
Use and Privilege Fees
   90.035   Fees levied and imposed
   90.036   Determination in connection with government aircraft
   90.037   When payable; interest on delinquencies
   90.038   Place of payment
   90.039   Taking off before payment
   90.040   Agreements and liens to secure payment
   90.041   Free use of facilities
Permit for Commercial Activities
   90.050   Permit required
   90.051   Application
   90.052   Issuance or denial
   90.053   Term
   90.054   Conditions, restrictions and reservations
Contract or Lease for Use or Occupancy of Facilities
   90.065   Contract or lease — when required
   90.066   Execution
   90.067   Conditions and covenants
   90.068   Term
   90.069   Special provisions relative to construction or installation of new facilities
   90.070   Lease of nonaviation buildings and areas
   90.071   Grant of exclusive rights prohibited; exception
   90.072   Lease of excessive space prohibited
Airport Zoning
   90.080   Short title
   90.081   Definitions
   90.082   Zones
   90.083   Height limitations
   90.084   Land use restriction
   90.085   Nonconforming uses
   90.086   Permits
   90.087   Duty of City Manager to enforce
   90.088   Board of Adjustment
   90.089   Appeals
   90.090   Judicial review
   90.091   Conflicting regulations
   90.092   Enforcement and remedies
Airport Commission
   90.105   Created; composition; appointment; terms of members
   90.106   Members not compensated
   90.107   Organization; election of officers; quorum; rules of order
   90.108   Meetings
   90.109   Duties
   90.110   No authority to spend or to hire or fire employees
   90.999   Penalty
   Special use permits for airports, see § 155.31
Statutory reference:
   Aeronautics generally, Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat., Art. 46c, 46d, and 46f through 46i Municipal Airports Act, Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat., Art. 46d