General Provisions
   96.01   Definitions
   96.02   Nuisances enumerated
   96.03   Tarpaulin use
   96.04   Water pollution generally
   96.05   Litter
   96.06   Dead or diseased brush, vegetation and trees
   96.07   Defecating or urinating in public places
   96.08   Sleeping in public places
   96.09   Leaking fluids
   96.10   Slaughtering animals prohibited
   96.11   Hauling dead carcasses
Prohibited Conditions on Private Premises
   96.30   Conditions prohibited
   96.31   Duty of owner, occupant and the like
   96.32   Compliance
   96.33   Abatement of prohibited conditions
   96.34   Notice for abating continuing violations
   96.35   Assessment of expenses - lien
   96.36   Additional authority to abate dangerous weeds
   96.37   Maintenance of unimproved property
Junked Vehicles
   96.45   Junked vehicles
   96.46   Authority to abate nuisance
   96.47   Right of entry
   96.48   Municipal Court authority
   96.49   Notice of violation
   96.50   Hearing
   96.51   Inapplicability of regulations
   96.52   Abatement of nuisance
   96.53   Relocation of junked vehicles
   96.54   Junked vehicle disposal
   96.55   Junked vehicles not to be made operable after removal
   96.56   Notice to Department of Transportation
   96.57   Right of removal from streets preserved
   96.58   Offense
Residential Property Standards
   96.65   Outside storage prohibited
   96.66   Preclusion
   96.67   Affirmative defenses to prosecution
Nuisance Personal Property
   96.75   Certain personal property declared a nuisance
   96.76   Notice and abatement of nuisance personal property on private property
   96.77   Notice and abatement of nuisance personal property on public property
   96.78   Exceptions
   96.99   Penalty