9-115-010 Definitions.
   For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply:
   “Active driver” means a transportation network driver who has provided service in response to four or more prearranged transportation service requests within a 30-day period.
   "Commissioner" means the City's Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.
   "Compensation" means any payment or donation received, or economic or business benefit obtained, for providing a transportation network service.
   "Department" means the City's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.
   "License" means a transportation network provider license.
   "Licensee" or "transportation network licensee" means the holder of, or a person that is required to hold, a transportation network provider license issued pursuant to this chapter.
   "Operation of a transportation network vehicle" or "operating a transportation network vehicle" or "operate a transportation network vehicle" means offering, making available, or using a transportation network vehicle to provide a transportation network service, including any time when a driver is logged onto the transportation network provider's Internet-enabled application or digital platform showing that the driver is available to pick up passengers; when a passenger is in the vehicle; when the provider's dispatch records show that the vehicle is dispatched; or when the driver has accepted a dispatch and is en route to provide a transportation network service to a passenger.
   "Place of business in the City of Chicago" means a location in the City where (1) the City may send, and the licensee shall accept, notices of hearing or other notices from the City; and (2) the licensee maintains its business and financial records relating to its license.
   "Prearranged transportation service" means a transportation service that is offered and accepted through a licensee's Internet-enabled application or digital platform before the transportation commences.
   "Restricted chauffeur license" and "taxi chauffeur license" shall have the meaning ascribed to these terms in Section 9-104-010.
   "Transportation network chauffeur license" means a license issued under this chapter by the Department which allows the license holder to operate a transportation network vehicle for one or more transportation network provider licensees.
   ‘Transportation network driver" or "driver" or "transportation network chauffeur" means an individual affiliated with a transportation network provider or with a person who is affiliated with a provider to transport passengers for compensation using a transportation network vehicle; and who is licensed to operate a transportation network vehicle.
   "Transportation network provider" or "provider" means a person that offers or provides a transportation network service.
   "Transportation network service" or "service" means a prearranged transportation service offered or provided for compensation using an Internet-enabled application or digital platform to connect potential passengers with transportation network drivers. The term "transportation network service" does not include a "ridesharing arrangement" as that term is defined in section 2 of the Illinois Ridesharing Arrangements Act, codified at 625 ILCS 30/2.
   "Transportation network vehicle" means any vehicle used to provide a transportation network service.
   "Vehicle age" means the age of a vehicle computed by totaling the number of the years from the model year to the calendar year, including both. For example, a vehicle with a model year of 2009 has a vehicle age of 4 years in the 2012 calendar year (2009 + 2010 + 2011 + 2012).
   "Wheelchair-accessible transportation network vehicle" means a transportation network vehicle that a person in a wheelchair may enter and exit independently or with assistance while seated in a wheelchair. A wheelchair-accessible transportation network vehicle shall safely secure and restrain the wheelchair, shall have only side entries for passengers, and shall comply with all applicable standards provided by law for wheelchair-accessible vehicles, including standards specified by applicable ordinances and regulations adopted by the City.
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