9-40-010   Compliance – Required.
9-40-020   Applicability.
9-40-030   Obedience to police, traffic control aide and fire department orders.
9-40-035   Traffic stop code of conduct.
9-40-040   Following responding fire apparatus prohibited.
9-40-050   Driving over fire hose prohibited when.
9-40-060   Driving, standing or parking on bicycle paths or lanes prohibited.
9-40-070   Driving on sidewalks or parkways prohibited.
9-40-071   Driving on sidewalks in housing authority development prohibited.
9-40-080   Required parking procedure.
9-40-090   Dimming headlights required when.
9-40-100   Prohibited driving to left of center of roadway.
9-40-110   Operating vehicle in reverse.
9-40-120   Obstruction of intersection or crosswalk prohibited.
9-40-130   Obstruction of traffic.
9-40-140   Negligent driving.
9-40-150   Following too closely.
9-40-160   Drivers to exercise due care.
9-40-170   Driving or moving vehicle in unsafe condition.
9-40-175   Operation of vehicles by a minor.
9-40-180   Coasting downhill prohibited.
9-40-190   Pulling out from parked position.
9-40-200   Operator's signals.
9-40-210   Operator's signals – Stop or decrease in speed.
9-40-220   Operator's signals – Means.
9-40-230   Vehicle operator's signals – Hand and arm – Manner.
9-40-240   Use of horns and signals devices.
9-40-250   Driving with view obstructed prohibited.
9-40-260   Reserved.