2-112-150  Compulsory vaccination limitations.
   The Commissioner shall not pass any rule which will compel any person to submit to immunization or to any medication against his will or without his consent, or in the case of a minor or other person under disability, without the consent of his parent, guardian, or conservator, except when there shall be an epidemic of a disease, or an epidemic is or appears to be imminent, and such a rule is necessary to arrest the epidemic and safeguard the health of the City.
(Prior code § 9-15; Amend Coun. J. 2-24-21, p. 27657, Art. I, § 1)
Editor's note – Formerly § 2-112-190. Coun. J. 2-24-21, p. 27657, Art. I, § 1, renumbered former § 2-112-150 as current § 2-112-100.