General Provisions
   53.001   Legislative findings and policy purpose
   53.002   Definitions
   53.003   Construction plan requirements
   53.004   Applicability
   53.005   Requirements for owners
   53.006   Effective date
   53.007   Gasoline outlets and refueling areas
Planning Requirements
   53.020   Land disturbance criteria; regulation
   53.021   Construction plan submittal, review, and approval
   53.022   Notice of intent (NOI) letter requirements
   53.023   Requirements for a major project site
   53.024   Major project site; construction plan
   53.025   Major project site; planning and application
   53.026   Residential project site; planning and application
   53.027   Minor project site; planning and application
   53.028   Individual lots; planning and application requirements
   53.029   Post-construction storm water pollution prevention plan requirements
   53.030   Buffer requirements
   53.031   Approved stormwater best management practices
   53.032   BMP design requirements and criteria
   53.033   Coordination with regional BMPs
   53.034   Coordination with master plans and watershed studies
   53.035   Storm water quality management plan permit closure
   53.036   As-built requirements
   53.037   Long-term operation and maintenance
Administration and Enforcement
   53.045   Standard reference manuals and guidance documents
   53.046   Permit fees
   53.047   Powers of inspection and enforcement
   53.048   MS4 personnel qualifications, certifications, and education
   53.049   Public input
   53.050   Measurable program goals
   53.051   Project termination
   53.052   Compliance with all pertinent ordinances
   53.053   Storm Water Management Board; powers
   53.054   Inter-department and co-regulatory agreements
Department of Storm Water Management
   53.070   Legislative findings and utility
   53.071   Creation of Storm Water Utility
   53.072   Definitions
   53.073   Funding
   53.074   Storm Water Fund
   53.075   Operating budget
   53.076   Fee established
   53.077   Equivalent residential unit
   53.078   Property classification for user’s fee
   53.079   Base rate
   53.080   Adjustments to user’s fee
   53.081   Property owner to pay charges
   53.082   Billing procedures; penalties for late payment
   53.083   Appeals of fees
   53.084   Creation of special taxing district
   53.085   Payment of penalties
   53.999   Penalty