(A)   Neither an individual NOI nor construction plan is required for an individual lot where land disturbance will be less than 1 acre and the lot lies within an unplatted area or an existing subdivision that is not regulated under this subchapter and is not permitted under 327 I.A.C. 15-5. The individual lot operator, contractors, and subcontractors working on an individual lot must comply with the requirements and provisions of this section.
   (B)   From the initiation of construction activities or land disturbing activities on the individual lot the individual lot operator, whether owning the property or acting as the agent for the property owner, shall be responsible for the following requirements and provisions:
      (1)   Installation and maintenance of an adequate stable construction site access at each point of ingress to and egress from the individual lot by construction traffic;
      (2)   Installation of appropriate perimeter erosion and sediment control measures prior to land disturbance, and maintenance perimeter erosion and sediment control measures until completion of construction activities on the lot;
      (3)   Minimization of sediment discharge and tracking from the lot throughout the land disturbing activities on the lot until applicable temporary, permanent, or final stabilization has been achieved;
      (4)   Clean-up of sediment that is either tracked or washed onto roads. Bulk clearing of sediment must not include flushing the area with water. Cleared sediment must be redistributed or disposed of in a manner compliant with all applicable statutes and rules; and
      (5)   The repair of any damaged land surface to a condition the same as or better than existed before the damage occurred, and the establishment of permanent stabilization upon a lot adjacent to the individual lot operator's project site whenever the lot operator, or the lot operator's employees, representatives, suppliers, subcontractors, or visitors disturb, or cause to be disturbed, a land surface of a lot adjacent to the individual lot operator's project site. The corrective work must be accomplished by a process that indemnifies the Town of Chandler, the Storm Water Management Board, the Engineer, Storm Water Department Manager, and their officials, employees, and representatives against any claim of loss or damage resulting from actions by or on behalf of the individual lot operator.
   (C)   For individual residential lots, the individual lot operator must achieve final stabilization by one of the 2 following criteria:
      (1)   The individual lot operator must complete all land disturbing activities and establish a uniform (for example, evenly distributed, without large bare areas) perennial vegetative cover with a minimum density of 70% on all unpaved areas of the lot and areas of the lot not covered by permanent structures, or must employ equivalent permanent stabilization measures; or
      (2)   The individual lot operator must install appropriate erosion and sediment control measures for the individual lot prior to the occupation of the home by the homeowner, and must inform the homeowner of the requirements for and benefits of final stabilization.
(Ord. 2006-6, passed - -; Am. Ord. 2008-10, passed 11-17-2008)