1313.01   Definitions.
1313.02   National Electrical Code adopted.
1313.03   Registration required; prohibition of transfer.
1313.04   Requirements for electrical contractor’s license; fee.
1313.05   Home owner’s exemption.
1313.06   Licensing requirements for journeyman electrician.
1313.07   Suspension or revocation.
1313.08   Permits required.
1313.09   Electrical permit fees.
1313.10   Plans examination.
1313.11   Records of permits and inspections.
1313.12   Inspection prior to covering work; notice and inspection certificate.
1313.13   Entry for electrical inspection.
1313.14   Duties of Electrical Inspector; prohibition against performing work without license or registration.
1313.15   Work suspension orders, electrical.
1313.16   Compliance, prohibitions, violations and civil penalties.
1313.17   Instructional program exemption.
1313.99   Penalty.
Electrical equipment - see Ohio R.C. 3781.10 (OBC Ch. BB-49)
Electrical safety inspection - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3783
Permit issuance - see BLDG. 1301.05