The Mayor is empowered, authorized, and directed to replace, or cause to be replaced, public sidewalks, within the city limits and to commit the city to the payment of not more than 50% of the costs of such replacement.  Provided, however, that notice as required by R.C. § 729.03 has been served upon the owner, lessee, tenant, or agent having charge of such lands upon which a public sidewalk to be replaced is situated, and further, that such owner, lessee, tenant, or agent has failed to comply with the notice to replace the sidewalks within 30 days after service of such notice, and provided that the Mayor, or his representative, has determined by actual inspection in company with the City Engineer, or his representative, that the sidewalks require replacement.
(`63 Code, § 909.02)  (Ord. 13-81, passed 3-9-81)
Statutory reference:
   Notice to construct or repair sidewalks, see R.C. §§ 729.03 et seq.