(A)   All sidewalks within the limits of the city whether new or to be replaced, shall be parallel to the center line of the street and shall slope toward the curb with a slope of three-sixteenths of an inch and shall be not less than five feet in width. If it is determined by the Safety-Service Director or the City Engineer that it would be in the best interest of those concerned, the sidewalk to be replaced may be less than five feet.
   (B)   Where an existing sidewalk of a greater width than five feet is being replaced, the new walk shall be of at least the same width as the one it replaced. If there is a grass strip between the curb and the sidewalk, the grass strip shall have a slope toward the curb of at least one-half inch in 12 inches.
   (C)   All sidewalks shall be concrete with a minimum thickness of four inches under pedestrian traffic and six inches through driveways. Sidewalks on Wheeling Avenue from Fifth Street to Twelfth Street shall be concrete.
   (D)   If trees exist within the proposed line of sidewalk construction or replacement, they shall be protected by maintaining a 12-inch clearance from the edge of the tree to the edge of the sidewalk, the open area to be filled with suitable soil or mulch.
   (E)   All sidewalks that adjourn curbs at crosswalks shall be installed using curb ramps as shown on standard construction drawing BP-12 Ohio Department of Transportation.
   (F)   No property owner shall be considered for participation in the sidewalk replacement program described in § 97.11 when the property owner has delinquencies due to owing to the city for water service or for city income tax, or when the property owner is in violation of the Property Maintenance Code of the city.
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