90.01   Running at large
   90.02   Impounding and disposition; records
   90.03   Annual registration of dogs; tags required
   90.04   Abandoning animals
   90.05   Killing or injuring animals
   90.06   Poisoning animals
   90.07   Cruelty to animals; cruelty to companion animals
   90.08   Nuisance conditions prohibited
   90.09   Barking or howling dogs
   90.10   Animal bites; reports and quarantine
   90.11   Maximum number of animals kept near dwelling houses; exceptions
   90.12   Coloring rabbits or baby poultry; sale or display of poultry
   90.13   Report of escape of exotic or dangerous animal
   90.14   Livestock regulations
   90.15   Exotic animals prohibited
   90.16   Animal littering prohibited
   90.17   Sexual conduct with an animal
   90.99   Penalty