If application for city participation in replacement of sidewalks as provided for in §§ 97.12 and 97.14 is rejected by the Mayor, the applicant may appeal the Mayor's decision.  Such appeal shall be to Council, through the Mayor, in writing.  Council shall give its decision on the appeal no later than its second regularly scheduled meeting after Council's receipt of the appeal.  Such decision shall be based upon the concurrence of a majority of Council and shall be transmitted to the applicant in writing.  If Council sustains the Mayor's rejection of the application, the reasons for the rejection shall be stated in Council's written answer to the applicant.  Council shall also have the power to override by a majority vote of the members of Council, the Mayor's, or his representative's decision to commit the city to pay a portion of the replacement cost of sidewalks and may establish what, if any, portion of the replacement cost shall be borne by the city.
(`63 Code, § 909.08)  (Ord. 13-81, passed 3-9-81)