Any property owner or agent of any owner may make written application to the Mayor requesting the city to make partial payment for the replacement of public sidewalks on their real estate within the city limits and authorizing the Mayor to obtain bids or informal estimates in accordance with normal city bidding procedures, or in accordance with other procedures as may be required by law, for the replacement of such sidewalks.  Upon receipt of such application, the Mayor shall make or cause to be made an inspection of the sidewalk to be replaced and if upon inspection determines, in concurrence with the City Engineer or his representative, that it is in the public interest that such replacement be carried out, the Mayor shall receive bids or informal estimates for such replacement of sidewalks and commit the city to the repayment of not more than 50% of the cost of such replacement.
(`63 Code, § 909.05)  (Ord. 13-81, passed 3-9-81)