General Provisions
   150.01   Reserved
   150.02   Plan review fees
Building Code
   150.15   Kentucky Building Code and Kentucky Residential Code adopted by reference
   150.16   Building Inspector designated as enforcement agent
   150.17   Code applicable to one and two family dwellings and townhouses
   150.18   Adoption of subsequent editions of the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Code
   150.30   Definitions
   150.31   Building permits
   150.32   Demolition permits
   150.33   Reserved
   150.34   Permit fees
   150.35   Permit fee enhancement
Building Code Appeals Board
   150.45   Creation of a local Building Code Appeals Board
   150.46   Term of office; compensation
   150.47   Meetings of the Board
   150.48   Method and procedure of appeal
   150.49   Review of Board decision; appeal
Repair, Condemnation or Demolition of Structures Unfit for Human Habitation
   150.60   Definitions
   150.61   Petition and investigation
   150.62   Conditions determining unfit structure
   150.63   Notice of violation
   150.64   Hearing process
   150.65   Final notice of violation; failure to comply; hearing before Fiscal Court
   150.66   Finding that property is unfit; action by Code Enforcement Officer; sign to be posted
   150.67   Costs to be lien against property; sale of materials
   150.68   Eviction of occupants
Electrical Code
   150.74   Definitions
   150.75   Electrical Inspectors
   150.76   Contractor; notification of work; concealing wiring; forms; using same inspector
   150.77   Revocation of contractors license
   150.78   Certification of approval required for electrical work
   150.79   Certificate of approval required for service
   150.80   Issuance of certification of approval; revocation
   150.81   Liability
   150.82   Authorization of agreements
   150.83   Electrical permits
   150.99   Penalty