A municipal merit system, pursuant to the provisions of M.S. Chapter 44, as it may be amended from time to time, and as supplanted by section 6.03 of the city charter, is hereby adopted by the city for all municipal employees, except:
   (a)   the City Manager and his or her non-clerical employees;
   (b)   the City Attorney and his or her non-clerical employees;
   (c)   employees hired to fill temporary or seasonal positions; and
   (d)   employees working a limited or variable number of hours that averages less than twenty hours per week over the course of a calendar year.
(1958 Code, § 72.01)  (Ord. 26, passed 10-27-1953; Ord. 27, passed 11-10-1953; Ord. 54, passed 11-16-1954; Ord. 148, passed 10-6-1958; Ord. 149, passed 10-28-1958; Ord. 2016-31, passed 12-5-2016)