Article 1. Interference With City Communications, Police Animals And False Reports
5-6-101: Interference With Police, Fire, And Other City Communications
5-6-102: Duty Of Persons To Prevent Interference With Police, Fire Communications
5-6-103: Interference With Police Animals
5-6-104: False Reports To The City
Article 2. Nighttime Curfew And Daytime Loitering Restrictions For Minors
5-6-201: Nighttime Curfew
5-6-202: Daytime Loitering
Article 3. Fortune Telling (Rep. by Ord. 95-O-2246, eff. 10-7-1995)
Article 4. Gambling And Amusement Devices
5-6-401: Amusement Devices Prohibited
5-6-402: Amusement Device Defined
5-6-403: Gambling Prohibited
5-6-404: Gambling Systems And Devices
Article 5. Littering And Distribution Of Written Materials
5-6-501: Littering And Distribution Of Advertising Materials Upon Residential Property
5-6-502: Littering And Distribution Of Written Materials Upon Public Property And Vehicles
Article 6. Aircraft Operations
5-6-601: Landing Prohibited
5-6-602: Exemption
5-6-603: External Load Operations Prohibited
5-6-604: Prohibition Against Using An Unmanned Aircraft To Record Or Transmit Visual Or Audio Recordings
Article 7. Firearm Regulations
5-6-701: Discharge Of Firearms Prohibited
Article 8. Bicycles, Skateboards, And Roller Skates Prohibited In Certain Areas
5-6-801: Bicycles, Skateboards, And Roller Skates Prohibited On Sidewalks In The Business District
5-6-802: Skateboards, Roller Skates, In-Line Skates, Scooters And Similar Wheeled Devices Prohibited On Grounds Of Public School
Article 9. Repair, Maintenance, And Storage Of Vehicles
5-6-901: Storage Of Inoperable Vehicles On Residential Property
5-6-902: Use Of Streets For Storage Of Vehicles
5-6-903: Repairing Or Maintenance Of Vehicles On Public Streets
5-6-904: Washing Or Polishing Vehicles
Article 10. Maintenance Of Private Property
5-6-1001: Interference With Public Improvements Prohibited
Article 11. Residential Property Lighting
5-6-1101: Excessive Lighting Prohibited
Article 12. Disposal Of Solid Waste
5-6-1201: Definitions
5-6-1202: Scavenging Through Solid Waste Containers
5-6-1203: Illegal Dumping
5-6-1204: Burying Solid Waste
5-6-1205: Regulations Authorized
Article 13. Prohibited Conduct On Public Property And Private Property Open To The Public
5-6-1301: Aggressive Solicitation (Rep. by Ord. 00-O-2355, eff. 11-3-2000)
5-6-1302: Drinking In Public Places
5-6-1303: Sitting Or Lying On Public Ways
5-6-1304: Leaving Personal Property On Public Ways
5-6-1305: Sleeping Dragons And Other Similar Devices
5-6-1306: Trespass On Grounds Of Public School
5-6-1307: Human Waste
5-6-1308: Access To City Owned And Parking Authority Owned Parking Structures
5-6-1309: Occupancy Of Public Restroom
5-6-1310: Bathing In Public Fountain Or Public Restroom
Article 14. Aggressive Solicitation
5-6-1401: Short Title
5-6-1402: Definitions
5-6-1403: Unlawful Solicitation; Manner
5-6-1404: Unlawful Solicitation; Location
5-6-1405: Exemption
5-6-1406: Regulations Nonexclusive
Article 15. Camping Or Storing Personal Property On Public Property
5-6-1501: Definitions
5-6-1502: Unlawful Camping
5-6-1503: Unlawful Storage Of Personal Property