Article 1. Administrative Code For Building Standards
9-1-101: Title
9-1-102: Scope And Intent
9-1-103: Applicability
9-1-104: Organization And Enforcement
9-1-105: Duties And Powers Of Building Official
9-1-106: Definitions
9-1-107: Permits
9-1-108: Submittal Documents
9-1-109: Permit Issuance
9-1-110: Fees
9-1-111: Inspections
9-1-112: Certificate Of Occupancy
9-1-113: Construction Parking And Hauling Restrictions
9-1-114: Connection To Service Utilities
9-1-115: Performance Deposits
9-1-116: Toilet Facilities Required During Construction
9-1-117: Violations And Penalties
9-1-118: Stop Work Orders
9-1-119: Unsafe Buildings, Structures, Or Equipment
9-1-120: Expedited Permitting Process For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Article 2. California Building Code
9-1-201: Adoption Of California Building Code
9-1-202: Amendments To California Building Code
9-1-203: Massing Model Fee
Article 2A. California Residential Code
9-1-2A01: Adoption Of California Residential Code
9-1-2A02: Amendments To California Residential Code
Article 3. California Electrical Code
9-1-301: Adoption Of California Electrical Code
9-1-302: Amendments To California Electrical Code
Article 4. California Mechanical Code
9-1-401: Adoption Of California Mechanical Code
Article 5. California Plumbing Code
9-1-501: Adoption Of California Plumbing Code
9-1-502: Amendments To California Plumbing Code
Article 6. Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa And Hot Tub Code
9-1-601: Adoption Of Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa And Hot Tub Code
9-1-602: Amendments To Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa And Hot Tub Code
Article 7. Uniform Solar Energy Code
9-1-701: Adoption Of Uniform Solar Energy Code
Article 8. Code For The Abatement Of Dangerous Buildings
9-1-801: Title
9-1-802: Purpose And Scope
9-1-803: Alterations, Additions, And Repairs
9-1-804: Enforcement
9-1-805: Definitions
9-1-806: Notices And Orders Of The Building Official
9-1-807: Appeals
9-1-808: Appeal Procedures
9-1-809: Enforcement Of The Order Of The Director Of Building And Safety Or The Hearing Officer
9-1-810: City Performance Of Work Of Repair Or Demolition
Article 9. Uniform Housing Code
9-1-901: Adoption Of Uniform Housing Code
9-1-902: Amendments To Uniform Housing Code
Article 10. Diversion Of Construction And Demolition Debris
9-1-1001: Diversion Requirements
Article 11. California Green Building Standards Code
9-1-1101: Adoption Of California Green Building Standards Code
9-1-1102: Amendments To California Green Building Standards Code
Article 12. California Energy Code
9-1-1201: Adoption Of California Energy Code
Article 13. California Historical Building Code
9-1-1301: Adoption Of California Historical Building Code
Article 14. California Existing Building Code
9-1-1401: Adoption Of California Existing Building Code
Article 15. California Referenced Standards Code
9-1-1501: Adoption Of California Referenced Standards Code
Article 16. International Property Maintenance Code
9-1-1601: Adoption Of International Property Maintenance Code
9-1-1602: Amendments To International Property Maintenance Code