112.01   Definitions
   112.02   Designation of Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   112.03   Powers and duties of Commissioner
   112.04   Local Liquor Control Commissioner to issue licenses
   112.05   License required
   112.06   Application for license
   112.07   Persons ineligible for license
   112.08   Findings on issuance of license
   112.09   Site approval
   112.10   Classification of licenses; fees
   112.11   Display of license
   112.12   Term of license
   112.13   Renewal of license
   112.14   Insurance
   112.15   Separate license required for each location
   112.16   Change of location or classification
   112.17   Change of form of ownership
   112.18   License a personal privilege
   112.19   Sale of licensed premises
   112.20   Continuous operation
   112.21   Other fees
   112.22   Hours of operation
   112.23   Surveillance cameras required
   112.24   Sales to minors or other certain persons and minimum required age to sell, serve or deliver alcoholic liquor
   112.25   Cooperation with Police Department required
   112.26   Sanitary and safe conditions of premises
   112.27   Maintenance of records
   112.28   Possession of alcoholic liquor in vehicles
   112.29   Hearings
   112.30   Hearing procedures
   112.31   Decisions of Commissioner and penalties
   112.32   Appeals
   112.33   Abatement of revoked, surrendered, and dormant licenses
   Revocation of liquor license for violating tobacco sale regulations, see §§ 35.222 and 116.111
   Tax on sale of alcoholic beverages, see §§ 35.230 through 35.234