Publisher's Note:This Chapter has been AMENDED by new legislation (Ord. 2016-08-02, effective 10-13-2016). The text of the amendment will be incorporated below when the legislation is incorporated.
General Provisions
   151.001   Title
   151.002   Purposes
   151.003   Definitions
   151.004   Highest standard applies
   151.005   Code interpretations
   151.006   Lot of record and legal lot determination
   151.007   Enforcement
Establishment of Districts and Sub-Districts
   151.020   Districts
   151.021   Sub-districts
   151.022   Zoning classification districts and sub-districts
   151.023   Location of districts and sub-districts
   151.024   Zoning Map
   151.025   Zoning of annexed areas
Use Zones
   151.040   Permitted land uses in residential zoning districts
   151.041   Development standards
   151.042   Community Facilities Zone CF
   151.043   General Commercial Zone C
   151.044   General Industrial Zone I
   151.045   Historic Resource Overlay Zone H
Development Standards
   151.060   Maintenance of minimum lot area and setback requirements
   151.061   Access
   151.062   Accessory uses and structures
   151.063   Fences
   151.064   Performance standards
   151.065   Visibility clearance
   151.066   Parking in residential zones
   151.067   Performance bonds
   151.068   Off-street parking; policy
   151.069   Design standards
   151.070   Surfacing
   151.071   Bumper rails
   151.072   Access and maneuvering
   151.073   Landscaping
   151.074   Enclosure and screening
   151.075   Number of required spaces
   151.076   Off-street loading; policy
   151.077   Design standards
   151.078   Number of required spaces
   151.079   City may require traffic impact analysis
   151.080   When traffic impact study is required; preparation
Special Uses and Standards
   151.085   Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana
Nonconforming Situations
   151.095   Nonconforming situations
   151.096   General exceptions to lot size requirements
   151.097   General exceptions to front yard requirements
   151.098   General exception to building height limitations
   151.099   Projections from buildings
   151.100   Authorization to grant or deny variances
   151.101   Criteria for granting a variance
   151.102   Procedure for variance application
Conditional Uses
   151.115   Authorization to grant or deny conditional uses
   151.116   Review criteria for conditional use applications
   151.117   Procedure for taking action on a conditional use application
   151.118   Standards governing specific conditional uses
   151.119   Natural resource extraction
   151.120   Auto wrecking yards or junk yards
   151.121   Manufactured home park
   151.122   Home occupations
   151.123   Private family burial ground
Master Planned Developments
   151.135   Purpose
   151.136   Applicability
   151.137   Review and approvals process
   151.138   Modifications to development standards
   151.139   Concept plan submission
   151.140   Concept plan approval criteria
   151.141   Expiration
   151.142   Detailed development plan submission
   151.143   Detailed development plan criteria
   151.144   Subsequent development reviews
Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Amendments
   151.155   Authorization to initiate and approve amendments
   151.156   Procedure
   151.157   Comprehensive Plan and zoning amendment criteria
   151.158   Record of amendments
   151.159   Limitation on replications
Application Review Procedures
   151.170   General procedures
   151.171   Procedures for variance, conditional use, zone change, and other land use applications
   151.172   Submittal requirements
   151.173   Filing fees
   151.174   Public notice
   151.175   Investigation and report by the Planning Director
   151.176   Appeals
   151.177   Time limit on land use approvals
   151.178   Authorization of similar uses
Zoning Clearance
   151.180   Zoning clearance
Administrative Land Use Decisions
   151.190   Administrative land use decisions
Quasi-Judicial and Legislative Land Use Decisions
   151.200   Quasi-judicial land use decisions
   151.201   Legislative land use decisions
   151.202   Time limit; consolidated review; City Recorder’s duties
Flood Damage Prevention
   151.215   Purpose
   151.216   Definitions
   151.217   Lands to which this subchapter applies
   151.218   Basis for establishing the area of special flood hazard
   151.219   Penalties for nonconformance
   151.220   Abrogation and severability
   151.221   Interpretation
   151.222   Warning and disclaimer of liability
   151.223   Establishment of development permit
   151.224   Designation of local Floodplain Administrator
   151.225   Duties and responsibilities of the Local Administrator
   151.226   General standards
   151.227   Specific standards
   151.228   Before regulatory floodway
   151.229   Floodway
   151.230   Standards for shallow flooding areas (AO Zones)
   151.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Front, Side, and Rear Yard Areas
   Appendix B:   Vision Clearance Triangle
   Appendix C:   Fence Height in Front and Street Side Yards
   Appendix D:   Corner Lots Having Abutting Street Side Yards
   Appendix E:   Corner Lot Having Street Side Yard Abutting Neighbor’s Front Yard
   Appendix F:   Through Lot Yard Areas for Fences
   Appendix G:   Off-Street Loading Spaces