(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Winfield Charter was decreed by Putnam Circuit Court Judge F.A. Guthrie.)
Sec. 1       Corporate Boundaries
Sec. 2       Officers
Sec. 3       Powers of Town and Officers
Sec. 4       Appointments - Sergeant, Assessor, Superintendent of Streets
Sec. 5       Terms of Office
Sec. 6       Election Date
Sec. 7       Oath of Office
Sec. 8       Voter Qualifications
Sec. 9       Vacancy of Office
Sec. 10      Office Holder Qualifications
Sec. 11    Tied Votes
Sec. 12    Contested Elections
Sec. 13    Conduction of Meetings
Sec. 14    Permanent Record Requirements
Sec. 15    Minute Requirements
Sec. 16    Tied Voting Procedure
Sec. 17    Power of Council
Sec. 18    Authority to Enact Powers
Sec. 19    Levy Lawfully Chargeable
Sec. 20    Levy - Taxes
Sec. 21    Males to Work for Town
Sec. 22    Town License Procedures
Sec. 23    Sidewalk Requirements
Sec. 24    Sergeant to Collect Taxes - Fees
Sec. 25    Lien for Non-Payment Fees/Taxes
Sec. 26    Delinquent Fines, Penalties and Fees
Sec. 27    Failure of Sergeant to Collect Fee, etc.
Sec. 28    Powers of Mayor
Sec. 29    Recorder Duties
Sec. 30    Assessor Duties
Sec. 31    Compensation
Sec. 32    Town Residents Not Required to Perform County or State Duties
Sec. 33    Condemnation Procedures