It shall be the duty of the Sergeant to collect the Town taxes, fines, levies and assessments, and in case the same are not paid within one month after they are placed in his hands for collection, he may distrain and sell, therefor in like manner as the officer collecting the State taxes may distrain therefor; and shall have in all other respects the same power to enforce the payment and collection thereof; and the said Sergeant shall have all the powers, rights and privileges within the corporate limits of said Town in regard to the arrest of persons, the collection of claims, and the execution and return of process that can be legally exercised by the constable of a district within the same, and he shall be entitled to the same compensation therefor, and he and his sureties shall be liable to all the fines, penalties and forfeitures that a constable of a district is liable to, for any failure or dereliction in said office, to be recovered in the same manner and in the same courts that the said fines, penalties, and forfeitures are now or covered against such constable. The Sergeant shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, execute a bond, conditioned according to law, with surety satisfactory to the Council, payable to the Town in the penalty, not less than one thousand dollars as the Council may prescribe.