Administration and Permits

1303.01    Submission of plans.
1303.02    Permit limitations; permittee to cut curb, install driveway.
1303.03    Building Placard and Certificate of Occupancy.
1303.04    Permit fees for new buildings, additions and/or alterations to existing buildings.
1303.05    Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation permit required; fees.
1303.06    Alteration and repair of existing facilities; permit required; fees.
1303.07    Demolition permit fees.
1303.99    Penalty.
      Demolition notice to owner; removal of dangerous buildings - see
         Ohio R.C. 715.26(B)
      Cost of demolition - see Ohio R.C. 715.261
      Sidewalk construction prior to certificate of occupancy - see
         S. & P.S. 903.06
      Health Department building plan approval - see S. & P.S. 913.27
      Building Inspector zoning duties - see P. & Z. 1128.01(a)
      Building permit application status posted - see P. & Z. 1128.01(b)
      Building permit application to Development Review Committee - see
         P. & Z. 1128.02
      Electrical permits - see BLDG. 1309.02 et seq.
      House trailer construction or set up permit - see BLDG. 1317.02
      Tent permit - see BLDG. 1319.02
      Swimming pool permit - see BLDG. 1321.02
      House moving permit - see BLDG. 1323.02