(a)    No person shall move any building or structure without applying for and obtaining a permit from the Building Inspector for such purposes and shall, at the time such permit is issued, pay the fee as set forth in Section 1323.01. All applications for moving permits shall be accompanied with plans of the building or structure proposed to be moved, and a lot plan showing the proposed new location of such building or structure, together with the correct location and character of all other buildings on the lot if located within the City.
   (b)   The Director of Public Service shall, when any building or structure is proposed to be moved over, along or across any street or public place in the City, designate the street or streets or other public places to be used in the moving of such building or structure, together with the time when such building or structure shall remain upon the street or other public place, and no person shall take a different route other than the one designated in such permit, or allow a building or structure to remain in the streets or public places a longer time than so designated.
   (c)    Before moving any building or structure upon a street or public place, such licensee shall notify the Chief of the Fire Department to that effect and such licensee shall daily report to such Chief the location of the building or structure, until moved to its new location.
   (d)    No permit shall be granted for the moving of any building or structure, which has from any cause deteriorated more than fifty percent (50%) of its original strength or value, across or along any public street, alley or avenue, or from one location to another within the City.
   (e)    No permit shall be granted for the moving of any building or structure to a location where it would be in violation of any of the provisions of the Building Code relating to the erection, location and occupancy of buildings or structures.
   (f)    No building or structure shall be permitted to be or remain in any street or alley or part thereof, from thirty minutes before sunset to thirty minutes after sunrise, unless the licensee moving such building or structure shall adequately warn all persons using such street or alley of the obstruction so existing in such highway by the proper placing of an adequate number of red lights in such position as will reasonably serve such purpose.
(Ord. 38-87. Passed 5-5-87.)