EDITOR’S NOTE: The Codified Ordinances of Whitehall cover all ordinances of a general and permanent nature. The provisions of such general and permanent ordinances are set forth in full in the Codified Ordinances.
   Reference must be made frequently to many special ordinances - particularly those related to property, such as dedications, vacating of property, easements, purchase, sale, etc. In the following Tables A through I, all such ordinances are listed. These tables list ordinances chronologically by subject, and include both a citation to and brief description of each ordinance, except in the case of zoning map changes, variances and special use permits, which are listed by ordinance number only.
      TABLE A - Vacation of Streets and Alleys
      TABLE B - Annexation or Detachment
      TABLE C - Acceptance of Plats and Dedication of Streets and Lands
      TABLE D - Transfer of Real Estate
      TABLE E - Easements
      TABLE F - Naming Streets
      TABLE G - Franchises
      TABLE H - Zoning Map Changes
      TABLE I - Zoning - Variances and Special Use Permits