(a)    Any person desiring to construct, erect or set up such a tent within the City shall first make application to and receive from the Building Inspector a permit to do so.
   (b)    Such applicant shall furnish the Building Inspector with a written statement setting forth material from which such tent is to be constructed, the size and manner of construction and the location and use thereof. Such tent shall be constructed of duck, canvas or other waterproof material usually used for tents, and shall be waterproofed and treated for fire resistance and be of such weight as to give the proper strength and durability for the purposes for which it is to be used.
   (c)    Upon approval of the Building Inspector as to location, construction and nature of use, a permit shall be issued upon payment of a fee of three dollars ($3.00) which shall be credited to the General Fund. (Ord. 38-87. Passed 5-5-87.)