General Provisions
   91.001   Purpose of chapter
   91.002   Definitions
   91.003   Requirements as to maintenance of premises and disposal of refuse
   91.004   Prohibited disposal; extraterritorial application
   91.005   Litter
   91.006   Prohibited littering on streets, sidewalks, and public places
   91.007   Duty to remove debris; collection of refuse from vacant lots
   91.008   Fallen trees; stumps; debris
   91.009   Abatement of nuisances and rectifying other conditions which violate chapter
Garbage and Trash Collection
   91.020   Collections to be made by the city or private contractor under city supervision; collection vehicles
   91.021   Final disposal sites to be designed by city; responsibilities of contract collector; nonliability of city
   91.022   Restrictions on private collectors other than contract collectors
   91.023   Garbage receptacles for use when collection made by contract collector
   91.024   Rules and regulations
City Dump
   91.035   Regulation of persons; authority of custodian
Tree Regulations
   91.050   Definitions
   91.051   Creation and establishment of a City Tree Board
   91.052   Compensation
   91.053   Duties and responsibilities
   91.054   Operation
   91.055   Pruning, corner clearance
   91.056   Dead or diseased tree removal on private property
   91.057   Removal of stumps
Abandoned and Junk Vehicles
   91.070   Findings and construction; statement of policy
   91.071   Definitions
   91.072   Abandonment of vehicles
   91.073   Junked vehicles prohibited in certain places
   91.074   Tires and abandoned appliances prohibited in certain places
   91.075   Authority; employment of personnel for enforcement; notification to property owner
   91.076   Notification of vehicle owner and lienholders
   91.077   Disposal of unclaimed vehicles
   91.078   Proceeds from sale
   91.079   Injunctive relief
   91.999   Penalty