In General
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Animals at large; impoundment and disposition
   90.03   Hogs, swine, and the like prohibited
   90.04   Keeper of chickens
   90.05   Maintenance of stables, pens, coops, and the like; abatement of nuisances
   90.06   Speed and manner of riding or driving of animals on the streets
   90.07   Cruelty to domestic animals and fowl
   90.08   Disposition of carcasses
   90.09   Transportation of carcasses
   90.20   Annual head tax imposed; amount of tax and when payable
   90.21   Registration tag to be worn
   90.22   Prohibited running at large; limitation on dogs being in stores and the like
   90.23   Impoundment and disposition of dogs found running at large
   90.24   Yelping, howling, and the like to annoyance of neighborhood
   90.25   Mad dogs; proclamation of Mayor that muzzles be worn; impoundment of unmuzzled dogs during period of proclamation
   90.26   Responsibility of owner to pick up dog waste
   90.40   Findings
   90.41   Definitions
   90.42   Euthanizing hopelessly sick and/or seriously injured felines
   90.43   Felines running at large
   90.44   Proper disposal of excrement by owners or keeper of felines
   90.45   Feeding of undomesticated or stray felines
   90.46   Condition of premises where any feline is kept
   90.47   Trapping of felines running at large
Dangerous Dogs and Other Animals
   90.60   Dangerous dogs; definition
   90.61   Procedure for the determination of a dangerous dog
   90.62   Control, registration, and confinement
   90.63   Violation of requirements
   90.64   Threat to public safety
   90.65   Aggressive dogs at large
   90.66   Impounding, redemption, and disposition
   90.99   Penalty