In General
   92.01   Chapter is supplemental to other provisions of this code relating to nuisances
   92.02   Nuisances prohibited within city and within area one-half mile beyond city
   92.03   Certain nuisances enumerated
   92.04   Premises to be kept clear of stagnant water, drained, and the like
   92.15   Inspections, investigations, and complaints
   92.16   Right to enter private premises; duty of occupants
   92.17   Notice to cease and desist when activity constitutes a nuisance
   92.18   Notice to abate condition constituting nuisance; appeal
   92.19   Recourse of city when notice to abate nuisance is ignored; liens
   92.20   Arrest for committing or maintaining nuisance possible
Loud Noises
   92.35   Definitions
   92.36   General declaration
   92.37   Noise prohibited
   92.38   Measurement and control of noise
   92.39   Noise control of construction equipment
   92.40   Noise control of outdoor implements
   92.41   Motor vehicle noise control
   92.42   Preservation of other remedies
On-Site Citations
   92.55   Adoption
   92.56   Public nuisance defined
   92.57   Nuisances affecting health
   92.58   Nuisances affecting morals
   92.59   Nuisances affecting peace and safety
   92.60   Depositing material in waterways
   92.61   Complaints; notice
   92.62   Hearing before Municipal Court
   92.63   Responsibility of owners, lessees, and tenants
   92.64   Fines and payment
   92.65   Relationship to State Building Code
   92.99   Penalty
   City policies, see Ch. 30
   General offenses, see Ch. 130
   Police Department, see Ch. 35