In General
   95.001   Bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires
   95.002   Same, between March 1 to May 1 and October 1 to December 1
   95.003   Matches
   95.004   Smoking prohibited under certain conditions
   95.005   Use of torches for removing paint and sweating pipe joints
   95.006   Hot ashes and other dangerous materials
   95.007   Accumulations of waste materials
   95.008   Handling readily combustible materials
   95.009   Storage of readily combustible materials
   95.010   Flammable decorating materials in buildings of mercantile and institutional occupancy
   95.011   Storage or display in roofed-over malls
   95.012   Open flames or lights restricted
   95.013   Kindling, maintaining, or permitting fires on property of other persons
   95.014   Maintenance of chimneys, vents, heat producing appliances, and exhaust systems
   95.015   Trapdoors to be closed
   95.016   Shaftways to be marked
   95.017   Fireworks
   95.018   Obedience to orders at scene of fire; arrest of offenders
Fire Prevention Code
   95.030   Adopted; purpose, application, and the like
   95.031   Amended
   95.032   Definitions
   95.033   Establishment of limits of districts where storage of explosives are prohibited
   95.034   Same, where storage of flammable liquids in outside aboveground tanks is to be prohibited
   95.035   Same, where bulk storage of liquified petroleum gas is to be restricted
   95.036   Permit fees; duration of permits
   95.037   Administration and enforcement; Fire Prevention Board; Fire Chief
   95.038   Modifications
   95.039   Judicial review of decisions of Fire Prevention Board
   95.040   Conflict of law
   95.041   Updating provisions
   95.042   Additional rules and regulations
Fire Department
   95.055   Property, personnel, and organization generally
   95.056   Fire Chief
   95.057   Authority to command; obedience to orders
   95.058   Unauthorized use of Department property
   95.059   Limited authority to answer calls within two miles of city
   95.060   Rules and regulations
   95.061   Firefighter’s Civil Service Commission; civil service for Fire Chief
   95.062   Sick leave for firefighters and Chief
   95.063   Records of sick leave and vacations
Firefighter’s Pension and Relief Fund
   95.075   Determination of necessity of Fund
   95.076   Creation, name, and general powers of Board of Trustees
   95.077   Composition of Board of Trustees and election and terms of Department members; filling vacancies and the like
   95.078   Application of state law
   95.079   Administration of Fund
Municipal Service Fee
   95.090   Statement of policy; intent
   95.091   Definitions
   95.092   Imposition of municipal service fee
   95.093   Administration by the City Finance Manager
   95.094   Schedule of payments
   95.095   Exemptions
   95.096   Enforcement
   95.097   Municipal Service Fee Appeal Board
   95.098   Protest and appeal
   95.999   Penalty
   General offenses, see Ch. 130
   Nuisances, see Ch. 92
   Property maintenance, see Ch. 91