(a)   Permits.  New request for permits for dance, entertainment, or dance and entertainment shall be reviewed by the LLRC and approved in the sole discretion of the City Council after an evaluation of the factors listed in Section 886.09 and payment of the application inspection fee.  The City reaffirms its longstanding policy of not considering request for topless entertainment permits.
   (b)   Transfer of Ownership.  Request for transfer of ownership of existing licensed establishments shall be reviewed by the LLRC and approved or disapproved by the City Council.  The City Council may hold a public hearing.  If the continuation of an existing operation is contemplated, the applicant must present a plan that indicates that it will continue the existing operation as established.  If there are proposed changes in the operations then the request for transfer of ownership shall be subject to the reviews contained herein.
   (c)   Change of Operation.  Any change in existing operations from a full service sit down restaurant that serves alcohol to an establishment that features primarily alcohol would be subject to a new review as outlined in this section.
   (d)   Temporary Daily Permits.  For a period ending January 31, 2012, the Chief of Police or the designee of the Chief of Police, in conjunction with a written request of a license to the Liquor Control Commission, may approve temporary daily entertainment permits except as follows:
      (1)   A licensee may not receive more than twelve permits in each calendar year.
      (2)   A licensee may not receive more that four permits per calendar month.
      (3)   The entertainment is limited to monologues and dialogues performed by fully clothed entertainers.
      (4)   Approval of a temporary entertainment permit for monologues and dialogues pursuant to this subsection does not allow other activities such as, but not limited to, the following: topless activity, motion pictures, still slides, closed circuit television, wet t-shirt contests, banana eating contests, other contests, talent shows, lingerie shows and other performances.
      (5)   The licensee must sign an agreement prepared by the City which limits the scope of permitted activity, provides for sanctions if this section or the agreement is violated and holds the City harmless.
(Ord. 2007-20.  Passed 10-16-07; Ord. 2010-08.  Passed 8-2-10.)