(a)   Each gas station shall have an area designated for the parking of motor vehicles of customers availing themselves of services and/or products of the gas station other than the obtaining of motor fuel. Such area may be used to facilitate outside storage of vehicles disabled or in need of repair or which are in the process of repair. No such disabled vehicle shall remain in storage at such gas stations for longer than fourteen days.
   (b)   No motor vehicle in outside storage shall be on the premises of any gas station for the purpose of being dismantled and sold for spare parts or scrap.
   (c)   Not more than two vehicles at one time which are offered for sale shall be located on the premises of any gas station.
   (d)   All exterior property shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition free from any accumulation of rubbish, garbage and motor vehicle parts. A gas station shall have proper containers for the collection of such rubbish or garbage. Such containers shall prevent leakage of oil or other similar petroleum products. 
(Ord. 59.  Passed 3-16-82.)