(a)   The operation of self-service islands at any retail gas station in the City is hereby permitted subject to the provisions of this section, all other applicable ordinances of the City, regulations of the Michigan State Police Fire Marshall and the statutes of the State.
   (b)   Every person who intends to construct, reconstruct, convert or alter any gas station to provide self-service operation shall first obtain a permit therefor from the Department of Engineering and Building, pursuant to applicable ordinances and subject to the provisions of this section.
   (c)   The owner or operator of a retail gas station in the City, which provides for dispensing of motor fuel by both self-service and full service modes, shall designate such locations by a sign or signs in three-inch block letters, conspicuously placed and stating "Full Service" or "Self-Service." No station attendant shall permit the use or operation of any gasoline dispensing pump, hose or other device located at any island designated "Full Service" by any person other than the owner or employee.
   (d)   The owner or operator of a retail gas station in the City, which dispenses motor vehicle fuel solely by means of self-service operation, shall provide attendant service upon request of any customer. All such stations shall be equipped with a sign or signs in three-inch block lettering, conspicuously placed and stating "FULL SERVICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST."
   (e)   Gasoline shall be dispensed only by a competent licensed motor vehicle operator or by a qualified station attendant on duty while the station is open to the public. No person under the age of sixteen years shall operate a gasoline dispensing device at a self-service island.
   (f)   The self-service dispensing area shall at all times be in clear view of the attendant. Placing or allowing any obstacle to come between the dispensing area and the attendant control area is prohibited. Mirrors are accepted for providing adequate visual control.
   (g)   There shall be an adequate intercom system to allow the control console operator means of communication with the person dispensing fuel at the self-service pumps.
   (h)   An approved switch or circuit breaker shall be provided at the remote control (console) location to permit shutting off power to all self-service dispensing devices in the event of an emergency. The switch or circuit breaker shall be clearly identified and easily accessible. At least one qualified self-service island attendant shall be in constant attendance at the control console at all times.
   (i)   Fuel dispensing nozzles on self-service dispensing devices shall only be those approved by the Fire Chief or his or her designate.  A list of approved dispensing nozzles shall be available for review at the City of Wayne's Fire Division Headquarters.
   (j)   Each service station shall be provided with a minimum of two listed portable fire extinguishers, each having a minimum rating of 4A-20 B:C, located so that an extinguisher will be within 100 feet (30 meters) of the fuel dispensers, underground fillpipe opening and lubrication or service room.
   (k)   Metal warning signs, printed in not less than three-inch block letters, shall be conspicuously posted in the dispensing area incorporating the following, or equivalent, wording:
      (2)   NO SMOKING
   (l)   There shall be a facility to provide air pressure for tires of customers available to customers during the hours that the self-service station is operating. Irrespective of weather conditions, the air service must be available during all months.
   (m)   There shall be available to all self-service customers on each self-service island, materials for the cleaning of windows, including, but not limited to, a squeegee, cleaner fluid and paper toweling.
   (n)   There shall be available to all self-service customers separate toilet and washrooms for men and women during the hours that the self-service island is operating.
   (o)   There shall be space provided for a coin-operated telephone at a location available to all customers. The owner or operator of a self-service station shall make application for a coin-operated telephone.
   (p)   There shall be conspicuously displayed at the self-service station a sign or signs showing fuel prices per gallon, which sign or signs shall include the prices of regular and no-lead regular fuel sold at the station. Such signs shall be in conformity with the Zoning Code.
   (q)   Any gas station that has self-service motor fuel dispensing devices shall provide an Underwriter's Laboratory-approved fixed-pipe dry chemical fire extinguishing system, provided with combined manual and automatic controls, which shall be installed in a manner to cover the area of all self-service dispensing devices of all Class I flammable liquids. Manual control shall be clearly identified, easily accessible and installed at the remote control (console) location.  Each extinguisher head shall be installed in such a manner that an accumulation of ice or snow will not adversely affect the proper functioning of the system. In the installation of such system, special care shall be taken to compensate for the effects of wind, including, but not limited to, a wind screen, reduced nozzle spacing and additional nozzles.
   (r)   An attendant shall supervise the fueling of not more than nine vehicles. If more than nine vehicles are to be fueled, there shall be an additional attendant on duty for each additional nine fueling operations or fraction thereof. Sufficient safeguards in the form of barriers or other devices shall be provided to ensure that not more than the prescribed number of fueling operations may be carried out at one time as determined by the number of attendants on duty.
   (s)   No self-service station shall be used for any purpose other than the repair and servicing of motor vehicles, and the dispensing, sale or offering for sale of fuel for motor vehicles, together with the sale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles. The sale of liquid beverages, candy and cigarettes shall not constitute a violation of this subsection.
   (t)   At least one qualified self-service island attendant shall be on duty at all times while a self-service operation is available to the public. A self-service attendant's primary function shall be to supervise, observe and control the dispensing of motor fuel while it is being dispensed. It is the responsibility of the self-service island attendant to prevent the dispensing of gasoline into unapproved portable containers, to control sources of ignition, to handle accidental spills, to monitor the control console, to ensure that an unobstructed view of the self-service island pumps is maintained, and to make certain that all required safety procedures are followed.
   (u)   No person shall operate or monitor the self-service control console equipment without first having been examined for proficiency and knowledge of the appropriate self-service safety precautions and procedures by the Fire Chief or his or her designate. Persons passing the examination shall be qualified self-service island attendants and shall be issued a certificate indicating the same. There shall be a five dollar ($5.00) fee charged for the taking of the examination. A qualified self-service island attendant shall keep this certificate in his or her possession at all times while on duty.
   (v)   The Fire Chief shall promulgate a standard form examination to carry out the provisions of subsection (u) hereof.  The examination shall be given by Fire Division personnel at Fire Division headquarters between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
   The applicant shall possess a valid State of Michigan driver's license or a State of Michigan identification card, in addition to a Social Security card.
   (w)   All self-service attendant certificates shall remain in effect for as long as the bearer maintains continuous employment with the same employer that he or she was employed by at the time of issue, unless such certificate is revoked by the Fire Chief.  This certificate shall be available for viewing at the place of employment anytime the attendant is dispensing a product at a service station.  Failure to produce a valid self-service attendant certificate to a member of the Fire Division requesting such shall be cause for immediate shutdown of all self-service operations.  Once a certificate has been revoked for any reason, the applicant is required to re-test before another certificate will be issued to said person. 
(Ord. 17-A-5.  Passed 6-2-81; Ord. 1992-02.  Passed 1-7-92; Ord. 1992-15.  Passed 4-21-92.)