98.01   Applicability
   98.02   Definitions
   98.03   Authority of Park Commissioners to make rules
   98.04   Issuance of permits by Director
   98.05   Opening and closing hours of parks
   98.06   Alcoholic liquor in parks
   98.07   Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Waterbury Green premises
   98.08   Animals at large prohibited
   98.09   Use of paths
   98.10   Vehicle regulations
   98.11   Boisterous, abusive speech or behavior
   98.12   Firearms; throwing stones; ball playing
   98.13   Fires and fireworks
   98.14   Swimming
   98.15   Removal of dirt, stones and the like
   98.16   Damaging plants, trees or other park property
   98.17   Disturbing animals in park
   98.18   Littering prohibited
   98.19   Sales
   98.30   Board of Park Commissioners to have care of trees
   98.31   Wilful injury to trees prohibited
   98.99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Authority of Board of Park Commissioners to acquire, improve, manage and control park property, see Charter § 11D-1
   Creation of a Park Department capital improvement fund, see Charter § 11F-10
   Parks, see Charter § 6C-3; Ch. 11, Part D
   Power of Board of Park Commissioners to condemn property used for park purposes, see Charter § 6C-3(d)
Statutory reference:
   Power of city to purchase land for parks, see Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-148(c)(3)