General Provisions
   72.001   Application of chapter
   72.002   Regulations not exclusive
   72.003   Erection of appropriate signs when required
Parking Generally
   72.015   Manner of parking
   72.016   Limitations on stopping, standing or parking
   72.017   Parking adjacent to schools
   72.018   Parking or standing in alleys
   72.019   Parking prohibited on narrow streets
   72.020   Standing or parking on one-way street
   72.021   No stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places
   72.022   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   72.023   Overnight parking
   72.024   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   72.025   Unlawfully moving vehicle of another
   72.026   Trailer parking
   72.027   Truck parking and loading restrictions
   72.028   Handicapped parking
   72.029   Prisoner of war and disabled veterans parking
Parking Permits
   72.040   Information contained on permit
   72.041   Expiration of permit
   72.042   Approval of application; revocation
   72.043   Sign and markings designated; fees
   72.044   Disposition of revenue
   72.045   Permit regulations
   72.046   Enforcement
Snow Emergency
   72.065   Declaration of snow emergency
   72.066   Designation of snow routes
   72.067   Parked vehicles to be towed
Public Carrier Stands; Loading and Unloading
   72.080   Bus stops and taxicab stands established
   72.081   Parking of taxicabs
   72.082   Intracity bus loading zones
   72.083   Restrictions on loading and unloading buses
   72.084   Standing in passenger curb loading zone
   72.085   Curb loading zones
   72.086   Standing in freight curb loading zone
Administration and Enforcement
   72.100   Notice of illegally parked vehicle
   72.101   Presumption in reference to illegal parking
   72.102   Noncompliance; warrant for arrest