Operation of Vehicles
   71.01   Vehicles to stop at stop signs
   71.02   Yielding right-of-way at yield signs
   71.03   One-way streets and alleys
   71.04   Driving in sidewalk area
   71.05   Backing vehicle
   71.06   U-turns
   71.07   Identification of funeral processions
   71.08   Riding on portion of vehicle not intended for passengers
Speed Regulations
   71.25   Application of state speed laws
   71.26   School zone speeds
Loads and Equipment
   71.40   Operation of vehicles exceeding weight limit
   71.41   Use of state or federal routes by operators of commercial vehicle
Parades and Processions
   71.55   Definitions
   71.56   Permit required
   71.57   Application for permit
   71.58   Standards for issuance of permit
   71.59   Notice of rejection of permit
   71.60   Appeal procedure when permit denied
   71.61   Alternative permit
   71.62   Notice to city and other officials when permit issued
   71.63   Contents of permit
   71.64   Duties of permittee
   71.65   Public conduct during parades
   71.66   Revocation of permit
Golf Carts
   71.70   Golf carts not in compliance prohibited
   71.71   Registration requirements
   71.72   Driver’s license required
   71.73   Liability insurance required
   71.74   Required equipment
   71.75   Places of operation
   71.76   Restrictions on occupancy
   71.77   Subject to all traffic rules
   71.78   Responsibility of operator
   71.79   Violation and enforcement