A.   Authority to Apply Conditions
   In approving an application, the PDSD , the Zoning Examiner, or the Mayor and Council may impose such reasonable and appropriate conditions and safeguards as are be necessary to ensure compliance with the criteria for approval. Conditions and safeguards may also be imposed to reduce or minimize any potentially injurious effects on properties; the character of the neighborhood; or the health, safety, or general welfare of the community. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to:
      1.   Structural or vegetative screening greater than that required by the and screening standards of the to buffer the surrounding from the proposed use;
      2.   Limitations on the height, size, or illumination of signs more restrictive than the applicable requirements of the Tucson Sign Code;
      3.   Limitations on the conduct of the proposed use, such as, but not limited to, hours of operation, or use of loudspeakers or external lighting, as necessary to protect ; and,
      4.   Dedication of necessary for , alleys, drainageways, and .