A.   Purpose
   The pre-application conference is designed to assist the applicant by providing as much information as possible regarding regulations and requirements and how they may affect the proposed ’s scope and design, prior to submission of a formal application.
   B.   Applicability
   A pre-application conference is required in accordance with the applicable procedure detailed in this Article. Table 3.2-1 sets forth the procedures for which a pre-application conference is required.
   C.   Requirements
   At the pre-application conference, the applicant shall describe to the PDSD the general goals, uses, and characteristics (e.g., size, location, , etc.) of the proposed in sufficient detail to enable the to identify potential code or plan compliance issues and discuss design issues and options. Depending upon the level of detail of the information provided for the proposed or the need to include other departments in the preliminary discussions, the PDSD may request additional pre-application conference(s).
   D.   Effect
   Review is on a conceptual basis, therefore, comments made at this conference are advisory and do not constitute approval or denial of the .