A.   Purpose
   The neighborhood meeting is intended to provide an opportunity to inform potentially affected property owners of the details of a proposed and application, how the applicant intends to meet the standards contained in the , and to receive public comment and encourage dialogue at an early time in the review process.
   B.   Applicability
   A neighborhood meeting is required in accordance with the applicable review procedures required in this Article, and Table 3.2-1.
   C.   Meeting Requirements
      1.   Standards
      The applicant shall mail notices offering to meet at a specified time and place to discuss the proposed with the and entities entitled to notice of the application in accordance with following requirements.
         a.   The offer is made when mailed, and must be mailed at least ten prior to the date of the meeting and sent by first class mail to property owners within 400 feet of the property, registered within one mile of proposal, and the Council Ward offices where the project is located.
         b.   For Concurrent and Rezoning Applications a single neighborhood meeting shall be held for both applications. The mailed notice for the neighborhood meeting shall be mailed at least 30 , and no more than 45 prior to the neighborhood meeting.
         c.   The meeting shall occur not more than 60 prior to the date of the submittal of the application.
         d.   Documentation of the offer to meet and a summary of the meeting must be submitted with the application.
         e.   The meeting must be held at or near the subject .
      2.   Exceptions
         a.   For designation or amendment to a Historic Preservation , the offer to meet shall be made no more than one year before the Zoning Examiner public hearing.
         b.   A neighborhood meeting is not required for amendments to the or for any text amendment to the .
      3.   Content of Neighborhood Meeting Notices
      A neighborhood meeting notice shall contain the following:
         a.   The notice shall describe the substance of the application, include the date, time, and location of the meeting, and specify the contact , company, or official applicant’s name and phone number;
         b.   For Board of Adjustment variance applications, the notice shall contain information necessary to fully describe the proposed , including a description of the code requirement(s) and the requested variance(s) from that particular requirement(s);
         c.   The notice shall advise the recipients of the notice that they may submit comments to the PDSD or, when applicable, speak at the public hearing; and,
         d.   For Concurrent and Rezoning Applications, the required Neighborhood Meetings for each the and Rezoning shall be combined and in addition to the content requirements under a., b., and c. in this subsection, the notice shall contain the following additional information:
            (1)   pre-application case number and instructions on how to review pre-application materials;
            (2)   where to find the area and/or neighborhood plan(s) affected by the proposal; and,
            (3)   a map showing the proposed area of the and rezoning.
      4.   Preparation of Notice
      For neighborhood meeting notices, the applicant is responsible for mailing the notices. Applicants must obtain mailing labels from the PDSD and mail the notices to the and entities entitled to receive mailed notice in Table 3.2-1 in compliance with the preparation of notice procedures in Section 3.2.4.B.5.
(Am. Ord. 11070, 5/14/2013; Am. Ord. 11127, 11/6/2013; Am. Ord. 11729, 2/19/2020)