A.   Applicability
   The Mayor and Council Special Exception Procedure applies to those uses identified in Section 4.8 (Use Table) as requiring processing in accordance with the Mayor and Council Special Exception Procedure.
   B.   Application Processing
      1.   Mayor and Council special exceptions applications are processed in accordance with the Zoning Examiner special exception procedure, Sections 3.4.3.B - H, and the following.
      2.   The Zoning Examiner shall forward a recommendation with findings, and when applicable, conditions on the proposed use to the Mayor and Council for decision.
      3.   Any may request that the application be heard at a public hearing before the Mayor and Council if the request is filed with the City Clerk within 14 after the date of the Zoning Examiner’s public hearing or reconsideration public hearing. Notice of the public hearing must be provided in the same manner as the notice provided for the Zoning Examiner’s public hearing.
      4.   The Mayor and Council shall make a decision to approve, approve with conditions as provided in Section 3.4.6 below, or deny the application.
(Am. Ord. 11127, 11/6/2013)