55.01   Definitions
   55.02   Illegal dumping
   55.03   Storage of garbage, refuse and recyclables
   55.04   Collections from householders
   55.05   Collections from commercial operators
   55.06   Collection of recyclables
   55.07   Garbage and refuse in same containers
   55.08   Transportation of garbage, refuse, and recyclables
   55.09   Rubbish and garbage falling from conveyance
   55.10   Residential permittee care and diligence
   55.11   Service and complaint
   55.12   Permits for collection required
   55.13   Exclusive rights to collect
   55.14   Maximum rate schedule to be filed
   55.15   Liability insurance required
   55.16   Issuance of permit; application
   55.17   Trucks to display name of hauler
   55.18   Extension of contract
   55.19   Right to sublet contract
   55.20   Wearing uniforms
   55.21   Garbage collection rates; bill payment
   55.22   Uncollected garbage, refuse and/or recyclables
   55.23   Placing garbage, refuse and recyclables for collection
   55.24   Cleaning spilled materials
   55.25   Hauling debris
   55.26   Mandatory residential collection
   55.27   Rate discount
   55.28   Charges to be a lien
   55.29   Municipal billing provisions
   55.30   Garbage fees to be retained by the city
   55.99   Penalty