General Provisions
   95.001   Confinement required
   95.002   Collar and tag required for dogs and cats
   95.003   Applicability of County Health District’s animal control regulations
   95.004   Killing of wild creatures in city parks and nature preserves
Dogs and Cats
   95.015   Definitions
   95.016   Rabies vaccination required; certificate
   95.017   Issuance of tag; fee; wearing of tag; replacement tags
   95.018   Records of tags
   95.019   Affixing tag, collar or harness in cruel manner
   95.020   Impoundment authorized
   95.021   Redemption of impounded dogs and cats; destruction or vaccination of unredeemed animals
   95.022   Payment of costs of impoundment
   95.023   Dogs running at large
   95.024   Destruction of dangerous or vicious dogs
   95.025   Barking or howling dogs
   95.026   Intentionally releasing or dumping dogs
   95.027   Maximum number of dogs
   95.028   Prohibition against the chaining or tethering of dogs and mandating that dog enclosures must provide 150 square feet of space
   95.029   Dangerous and vicious animals
Rabies Control
   95.040   Report and confinement of rabid animals
   95.041   Killing of rabid animals
Bird Sanctuaries
   95.055   Established
   95.056   Injuring or molesting birds or nests
   95.057   Destruction of nuisance birds
   95.070   Definitions
   95.071   Owner’s registration requirements
   95.072   Posting
   95.073   Running at large
   95.074   Notification of loose livestock
   95.999   Penalty
   Noise regulations, see § 94.009