General Provisions
   94.001   Nuisances generally
   94.002   Spitting on sidewalks, in public buildings or in public vehicles
   94.003   Medical treatment of city prisoners
   94.004   Hazardous waste incineration facilities
   94.005   Glass containers prohibited in certain areas
   94.006   Extraterritorial jurisdiction
   94.007   Special conditions
   94.008   Activities prohibited
   94.009   Noise
Unsanitary, Unsightly Conditions on Private Premises
   94.025   Junked or abandoned vehicles
   94.026   Accumulations of stagnant water
   94.027   Accumulations of carrion or filth
   94.028   Accumulations of weeds, rubbish or other objectionable matter
   94.029   Notice to remove condition; service
   94.030   Abatement by city authorized; payment of expenses
   94.031   Statement of expenses incurred by city
   94.032   Collection of expenses incurred by city; lien
Smoking in Public Places
   94.045   Definitions
   94.046   Offenses; exceptions; duties of persons in control of public place
   94.047   Smoking in hospitals or nursing homes
   94.048   Employer smoking policies
   94.049   Exception areas not required
   94.050   Smoking offenses under Fire Code
   94.051   Compliance with other regulations
   94.065   Depositing in public places
   94.066   Depositing in vacant lots
   94.067   Depositing on occupied private property
   94.068   Depositing in parks
   94.069   Throwing from vehicles
   94.070   Proper placement in receptacles
   94.071   Duties of business owners and occupants
   94.072   Duties of customers
   94.073   Prima facie presumption in litter cases
   94.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority of home rules cities to enact health regulations, see Tex. Health and Safety Code §§ 341.081, 341.002