Editor’s note:
   Printed herein is the home rule charter of the city as originally adopted by the voters on 2-16-1946. Subsequent to amendments adopted by voters on 11-7-1995, the city republished the charter in a separate pamphlet, incorporating all amendments to date, from which this part is derived. Amendments to the charter, dating from its adoption in 1946, are reflected in the charter comparative tables, supplied by the city, immediately following this charter.
    Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings and catchlines has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets.
Article I. Incorporation, Powers and Territory
   Sec. 1.   Corporate name and status.
   Sec. 2.   Enumerated powers not exclusive.
   Sec. 3.   Boundaries of city.
Article II. Governing Body
   Sec. 1.   The city commission; term of office.
   Sec. 2.   Qualifications for commission.
   Sec. 3.   Election of commission.
   Sec. 4.   Vacancies.
   Sec. 5.   Salaries of mayor and commissioners.
Article III. Procedures of the Commission; Legislation
   Sec. 1.   Meetings of the commission.
   Sec. 2.   Mayor and mayor pro tem.
   Sec. 3.   City secretary.
   Sec. 4.   Commission rules.
   Sec. 5.   Quorum.
   Sec. 6.   Introduction and passage of ordinances and resolutions.
   Sec. 7.   When ordinances and resolutions shall take effect.
   Sec. 8.   Authentication and publication of ordinances and resolutions.
Article IV. Nominations and Elections
   Sec. 1.   Municipal elections.
   Sec. 2.   Commission rules.
   Sec. 3.   Nominations.
   Sec. 4.   Ballots.
   Sec. 5.   Election of commission by plurality.
   Sec. 6.   Laws governing city elections.
   Sec. 7.   Canvassing elections.
Article V. Recall
   Sec. 1.   General provisions.
   Sec. 2.   Recall election ordered.
   Sec. 3.   Ballots in recall elections.
   Sec. 4.   Result of recall election.
   Sec. 5.   Limitations on recall petitions.
Article VI. Initiative
   Sec. 1.   Power to initiate ordinances.
   Sec. 2.   Consideration of initiated ordinance by commission.
   Sec. 3.   Submission of initiated ordinances to voters.
   Sec. 4.   Election on initiated ordinance.
   Sec. 5.   Initiated ordinance passed by the commission in amended form.
   Sec. 6.   Initiated repealing ordinances.
Article VII. Referendum
   Sec. 1.   Power of referendum.
   Sec. 2.   Referendum petition.
   Sec. 3.   Consideration of referred ordinance by commission–Referendum election.
   Sec. 4.   Form of ballot for initiated and referred ordinances.
   Sec. 5.   Preliminary action under referred ordinances.
   Sec. 6.   Referendum on ordinances.
   Sec. 7.   Publicity for ordinances and amendments.
   Sec. 8.   Conflict of ordinances adopted and approved.
Article VIII. Initiative, Referendum and Recall Petitions
   Sec. 1.   Signatures to petitions.
   Sec. 2.   Filing examination and certification of petitions.
   Sec. 3.   Amendment of petitions.
Article IX. Legal Department
   Sec. 1.   City attorney; qualifications.
Article X. Municipal Court
   Sec. 1.   Creation and jurisdiction.
   Sec. 2.   Appointment of municipal judge.
   Sec. 3.   Duties of municipal judge.
   Sec. 4.   Absence of municipal judge.
   Sec. 5.   Clerk of court.
   Sec. 6.   Divisions of court.
   Sec. 7.   Administration.
Article XI. Finance Administration
   Sec. 1.   Director of finance.
   Sec. 2.   Fiscal year.
   Sec. 3.   City budget.
   Sec. 4.   Filing of budget.
   Sec. 5.   Budget hearing.
   Sec. 6.   Transfer of appropriations.
   Sec. 7.   Money to be drawn from treasury in accordance with appropriation.
   Sec. 8.   Contracts and purchases.
   Sec. 9.   Custody of city moneys.
   Sec. 10.   Issuance of bonds.
   Sec. 11.   Loans in anticipation of bond sales.
   Sec. 12.   Temporary borrowing.
   Sec. 13.   Annual audit.
Article XII. Police Department
   Sec. 1.   Chief of police, director of police department.
   Sec. 2.   Special police.
   Sec. 3.   City jail.
Article XIII. Fire Department
   Sec. 1.   Chief of fire department, director of such department.
Article XIV. City Planning Board
   Sec. 1.   Establishment, membership, duties, terms.
   Sec. 2.   City Zoning Commission establishment, membership, duties, and terms
Article XV. Park Commission
   Sec. 1.   Establishment, membership, duties, terms.
Article XVI. Taxation
   Sec. 1.   Power to tax.
   Sec. 2.   Sheriff’s sale.
Article XVII. Public Utilities and Franchises
   Sec. 1.   Powers of the city.
   Sec. 2.   Franchises; powers of commission.
   Sec. 3.   Term of franchise.
   Sec. 4.   Right of regulation.
   Sec. 5.   Consent of property owners.
   Sec. 6.   Revocable permits.
   Sec. 7.   Extensions.
   Sec. 8.   Other conditions.
   Sec. 9.   Franchise records.
   Sec. 10.   Accounts of municipally owned utilities.
   Sec. 11.   Public utilities.
   Sec. 12.   Street rental.
Article XVIII. Miscellaneous Provisions
   Sec. 1.   Publicity of records.
   Sec. 2.   Personal interest.
   Sec. 3.   Compensation and tenure of officers and employees.
   Sec. 4.   Official bonds.
   Sec. 5.   Oath of office.
   Sec. 6.   Special provision for garbage disposal.
   Sec. 7.   Limitation of liability for damages.
   Sec. 8.   Power of condemnation and special assessment.
   Sec. 9.   Provision relating to assignment, execution and garnishment.
   Sec. 10.   Power of the city to enforce ordinances.
   Sec. 11.   Meaning of words and designations.
   Sec. 12.   Saving clause.
   Sec. 13.   Ordinances.
   Sec. 14.   Power to construct and own.
   Sec. 15.   Amending the Charter.
   Sec. 16.   Meetings of boards, committees and commissions.
   Sec. 17.   Conflicts of interest.
   Sec. 18.   Rules of procedure.
   Sec. 19.   Authority to rearrange and renumber.