In DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4, and all AD forms, front yard setbacks may be averaged when adjacent existing structures have a front yard setback that is the same or less than the minimum required setback. In these situations, the required setback may be the average of the existing lot setbacks that are on both sides of the site. (See figure below.) The following rules apply in calculating the average:
   (a)   The front yard setbacks used for the calculations must be for the same type of structure that is being averaged.
   (b)   Only the front yard setbacks on the lots that abut each side of the site and are on the same side of the street may be used. Front yard setbacks across the street or along a different street may not be used.
   (c)   When one abutting lot is vacant or if the lot is a corner lot, then the average is of the front yard setback of the nonvacant lot and the minimum required front yard setback of the forms within the designated zoning district.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)